Services Overview

How our services can help you improve your market position


For your industry Our services The benefit for you
Cereal breeding
Grain trade
Grain tests – swift analyses, the high standards of quality and safety offered by the leading institute in Austria You make informed choices thanks to your partnership with an accredited institution
Mills in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy High-level analyses for flour testing by recognized experts You have fast access to relevant and reliable data and specific know-how, prompt problem-solving guaranteed
Expert opinions from the head of the institute in his capacity as an expert under § 73 Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act Quality lead – you and your customers enjoy the certainty and security provided by an accredited test centre
Bakery industry Baking trials in our baking laboratory; recipes or baking mixes are developed and tested You can experiment without risk and implement your ideas –
product innovations and optimization provide competitive advantages and ensure sustainability
Food industry
Analysis and development of bread and non-bread cereals, personal consultations on your own premises, high quality, quick turnaround vg quality certification provides you with sound information upon which to base your strategic decision-making, thus ensuring your profitability
Grain trade
Mycotoxin Analysis – special laboratory pathway to detect fungus; hygiene and food analysis Safety through prevention can save you enormous costs; controlled quality as an image factor
Compound feed
Feed analysis with fast, thorough results Improved quality, greater productivity, better informed decisions
Seed Producers Research and analysis for development of varieties, expert advice in organics/non-organics, international know-how Fundamental knowledge ensures a solid portfolio and rapid development of varieties


Tests, consultations and assessments are carried out in close contact with our customers.
Technical support is just as important as creative input for products and production. All our contact persons are highly-qualified professionals.


The benefits

  • Outsourcing of laboratory work
  • Quality assurance
  • Know-how transfer and consultancy
  • Special investigations
  • Product and process developments
  • Seminars and individual training in analytics and food law
  • Support for small and medium-sized enterprises during the development of innovative products from concept to production


Improve your competitive position, also with increased exports.
Achieve significant increases in revenue with an in-depth knowledge of your market and competitive advantages.