Would you like a better harvest, increased profits?

Grain producers and traders want to bring in a rich harvest. We are an expert partner for producers, grain wholesalers, the agricultural products trade, and farmers who store and market grain themselves. Seed producers also benefit from scientific data that support the production of new varieties and their subsequent market entry. Reliable, objectively verifiable quality is the best guarantee for growth and success in the market.


Our services, your benefits:

  • We are the leading provider of scientific advice to the seed and grain trade in Austria
  • Quality assurance
  • Grain health/optimized grain storage
  • Development of varieties
  • Grain quality analysis
  • Grain residue analysis
  • We are an independent institute, offering fast analysis with results available the same day or within the shortest, technically-feasible time
  • We are the laboratory of the Agricultural Products Exchange in Vienna
  • International research and development projects
  • We are an internationally recognised and well networked institution (know-how, ring analyses, expert opinions)


Seed Producers

Research and analysis make a vital contribution to achieving excellent breeding results. The development of grain varieties in both conventional and organic fields requires the very best scientific support you can get. vg has a deep and sensitive understanding of the details, enabling us to offer expert advice for organic and non-organic projects alike.
We provide a scientific basis for sustainable success in achieving the breeding goals and for averting threats caused by disease and pests, and also provide input for decisions regarding different breeding approaches and weightings.