Seminars & Events

Why do your earnings increase in step with our knowledge?

We invite you to consider this for yourself. Visit our special seminars on the topics of grain, grain products, bread and pastries, as well as the relationships between them – and become one of our happy seminar guests!


Sorry, there are currently no seminar slots available. New dates will be uploaded shortly! All seminars are held in German. Please visit the German page for registering for a seminar here.


Our seminars, your benefits:

  • Seminar Silo Foreman
  • Seminar Relationship between Cereals, Flour and Bread
  • Seminar Pastries Sensor Systems
  • Seminar Hygiene Guidelines
  • Young Miller Days
  • In-house Trainings


Our speaker’s expertise, motivation and lively, exciting presentation style are popular with our seminar guests and generate a high level of awareness focused on the technical issues. This type of training makes an invaluable contribution to quality assurance in your company.