Can you be sure that your mill is operating at peak efficiency?

We offer expertise you can rely on – from knowledge about which corn is best suited for grinding, up to and including continuous hygiene testing.
Preventive test runs simulate complete mill passages – providing reliable support for your decision-making. Such simulations are not possible during normal mill operations. We are Austria’s number one centre for troubleshooting! We find solutions to keep your mill operating at peak efficiency.


Our services, your benefits:

  • We are the leading provider of scientific advice to mills in Austria
  • Fast and independent flour analysis – you receive your results the same day or within the shortest, technically feasible time
  • International comparability thanks to our accreditation status
  • Hygiene check, vg HACCP certificate, quality assurance
  • High flexibility, networked know-how with the baking industry and deep familiarity with industry requirements
  • Preventive test runs independently of day-to-day mill operations
  • Conformity of mill technology to amended regulations
  • We are an inspection and control body for the AMA seal of quality and AMA craft seal
  • We are one of the initiators of INGESA – the International Grain Industry Conference
  • Information hub (crop reports for the milling industry in the context of the baking industry, provision of data, knowledge transfer, technology transfer)
  • Research and development for small and medium-sized enterprises in the mill and feed production sectors
  • Implementation of your ideas through funded research projects (innovation cheques, EUR 5,000 and EUR 10,000)

Feed analysis:

Feed analysis shows the nutritional value of feed and the pollutants it contains, and is an essential prerequisite for successful feed management and animal husbandry. We offer:

  • Feed – standard analytics
  • WEENDER analysis
  • Analytics hub