Institute for Cereal Processing

vg – Institute for cereal processing is there for you without any restrictions!

Dear colleagues from the grain, mill, bakery and animal feed industries!

The vg – Institute for cereal processing is at your disposal with all services, to maintain the supply of our staple food crops.

Our team is completely healthy and happy to help you!

Best regards

Christian Kummer

Managing Director
Head of Laboratory
Sworn and certified expert witness
Expert under § 73 Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act

Ing. Göttfrieed und DI Kummer vg
Nicole Schwarzinger, MSc and DI Oberforster

What does modern science do for our daily bread?

Today’s empowered consumers are more demanding than ever. Trust is one of the strongest factors that influence purchasing decisions and nowhere is this truer than in the case of bread and pastries. What comes onto the plate – or into the breadbasket – must meet clear, transparent and binding criteria.

Our mission is to ensure the quality of bread and pastries – from the field to the oven. We ensure food safety with objective standardized tests and provide for the transfer of skills with a view to stimulating the market.

As a state-of-the-art, highly-efficient laboratory for grain processing with a reputation that has spread far beyond the borders of Austria, we consistently set ourselves new goals as we seek to offer producers, retailers and consumers increased safety and a host of other benefits.

Use this expertise to get a head start on the market. Because access to high-quality cereals, bread and pastries is a fundamental human right.


Christian Kummer
Managing Director