GAFTA – The Grain and Feed Trade Association

We are a member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) since February 2018.

Gafta is an international trade association, counting more than 1,700 members in 90 countries. Their mission is to promote international trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce, hence protecting their members’ interests worldwide.


The historical origin of Gafta can be traced back to 1878, when the London Corn Trade Association (LCTA) was established by members of the corn trade. The LCTA as a special interest group sought to achieve their aims through the adoption of standard forms of contract. Using these drawn-up contracts implicated that any disputes arising out of these contracts would be settled by arbitration rather than legislation. Disputes were referred to London and conducted under English Law.


In the year of 1906, a group of traders broke away from the LCTA and formed a new more specialised association, the London Cattle Food Trade Association (LCFTA). The LCFTA was made for those trading in vegetable proteins used as animal feedingstuffs. In 1965, the LCFTA dropped ‘London’ from its title, reflecting growing internationalisation. In 1969, merger talks commenced between the LCTA and CFTA. The outcome of these talks was the formation of a new joint association in 1971: the Grain and Feed Trade Association.


GAFTA Certificate of Membership